AGAOGULLARI Duygu Istanbul Technical University

Spoluautoři BALCI Ozge, DUMAN Ismail, OVECOGLU M.Lütfi

This study reports a room temperature mechanochemical route for the synthesis of LaB6 powders from La2O3-B2O3-Mg blends. The reaction was driven by high energy ball milling (planetary ball mill) and was gradually examined in terms of milling duration. Following the mechanochemical synthesis, unwanted MgO phase and Fe impurity released by the milling vial/balls were removed from the reaction product by HCl acid leaching under the effect of ultrasonic stirring. Pure LaB6 powders were obtained after repeated centrifuging, repeated washing and drying. Phase and microstructural characterizations of the milled and leached powders were performed by X-ray diffractometer (XRD), differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The microhardness values of the powders were measured by using Indentation technique. Magnetic and electrical properties were also determined for the leached powders.