BEDNÁR Roman Materiálovotechnologická fakulta STU Trnava

Spoluautoři VIDOVÁ Helena, HORŇÁKOVÁ Natália

Diversification of enterprises in the business environment doesn’t give a great option to the standardization of procedures. Enterprises which want to maintain or improve their position in the market should focus on improving their processes. Each enterprise is characterized by its specific characteristics that make enterprise unique, but areas such as logistics, production, purchasing and sales have common characteristics that may be separated and special attention can be paid to them. Paper is focused on the steps to implement a lean methods related to logistics, because logistics includes many non value added processes. Lean methods offer a space to effortless changes through which enterprises can achieve improving of their market position. The authors also present the results of a survey conducted in the V4 countries. Based on this survey the steps to implement the methods of a lean logistics are proposed in practical part, what is also the main aim of this paper.