OZSARAC Ugur sakarya university

Spoluautoři EKICI Mehmet, ASLANLAR Salim, VAROL Faruk

In this study, the effect of carbon and silicon alloying elements with different weight per cent on mechanical properties and microstructural appearances in nodular cast iron alloys was investigated. The nodular cast iron ingot and scrap materials were charged into the induction furnace and when the temperature was risen to 1510oC, the spherodizing and inoculation processes were applied to molten metal. Having completed pouring of the molten metal into patterns by means of Furan method, the solidification was occurred in room temperature. Two groups of specimens were obtained containing 3.65 wt. % C, 2.30 wt. % Si and 3.25 wt. % C, 3.65 wt. % Si. The microstructure of specimens were investigated and uni-axial tensile test and the Charpy impact test were performed and their micro-hardness measurements were done in order to characterize the mechanical behaviours of nodular cast iron alloys having different alloying elements.