REDA Ahmed Zagazig University

Spoluautoři HALFA Hossam

MCNP program was used to investigate the neutron and gamma shielding properties of Ni-Ti- X Mo Maraging steels. The MCNP program experimental setup was designed using neutrons of 14.1 MeV from sealed neutron tube and 60Co as a gamma rays source. Particular attention was given to the shielding properties of neutron and gamma for low nickel free cobalt titanium containing modified Maraging steel in correlation to the molybdenum as alloying element. Based on the shielding properties, Ni-Ti- X Mo Maraging steels with different molybdenum content show the same shielding properties for neutron and gamma rays when compared to the standard Maraging steel 18Ni(C250). In addition, the secondary gamma rays due to neutron irradiation for all steel under investigation show no obvious difference. From economic point of view newly cobalt free low – nickel Maraging steel is more cheaper than standard C250 Maraging steel as shielding materials.