MAREK Ivo ICT Prague

Spoluautoři VOJTĚCH Dalibor, MICHALCOVÁ Alena, KNOTEK Vítězslav

Metallic nanoparticles and bulk nanocrystalline materials are recently very popular. The nanomaterials can be utilized in wide field of possible applications. It is caused due to the good mechanical properties such as high hardness and strength the of bulk material and high specific surface or catalytic activity of nanoparticles. There are various methods how the nanocrystalline metals can be produced e.g. precipitation from liquids, rapid solidification or vapor deposition techniques. In this work, copper nanoparticles were prepared by selective dissolving of the aluminium matrix from rapidly solidified AlCu40 (wt. %) alloy in the sodium hydroxide solution. The prepared copper powder was characterized by various analytical techniques (e.g, electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction) and consequently uni-axially compressed. Mechanical properties of bulk sample were examined by microhardness testing.