PRZYBYSZEWSKI Bartlomiej Institut fur Leichtbau und Kunststofftechnik, TU Dresden

Spoluautoři HUFENBACH Werner, GUDE Maik, CZULAK Andrzej, MALCZYK Piotr

Aluminium based metal matrix composites reinforced by continuous carbon fibre 3D-textiles (CF-3D/Al-MMC) are increasingly the objects of interest in research centres around the world. Composite materials exceed conventional engineering materials, due to the high designability of structure, and thus properties. The fields of application and utilisation of metal matrix composites (MMC) are aerospace, automotive and demanding types of industries, which require high and stable mechanical properties, particularly at elevated temperatures. The main problem encountering in the construction elements working at elevated temperatures is change of the microstructure, and consequently drastic decrease of the stiffness and strength. There are reasonable presumptions, that this effect can be avoided by utilisation of MMC with designed appropriate reinforced structure. Therefore, the CF-3D/Al-MMC has been chosen for experimental investigations. This paper contributes determining of the effect of temperature on the mechanical properties of CF-3D/Al-MMC. The tested materials have been manufactured using the high pressure die casting (HPDC) method. The three point bending test has been performed to obtain results at four different temperatures. The bending strength and stiffness modulus have been taken into consideration. Fracture analysis has been carried out by the help of SEM microscopy to exhibit the type of adhesion between matrix and reinforcement. Obtained results allow selection of the suitable temperature at which the investigated material has the highest strength factors. The quality analysis of manufactured composites by computer tomography (CT) has been performed as well.