GUBENCU Dinu Politehnica University of Timisoara

Spoluautoři POP-CALIMANU Marius

AA2124/SiC/25p is a high quality composite material, recently developed, for structural applications in the aircraft industry. It consists of aluminum metal matrix, reinforced with silicon carbide particles in a proportion of 25%. On the one hand this kind of material structure provides a lot of good mechanical properties: high specific stiffness, fatigue strength, and durability. On the other hand, considering the high complexity of shape and the precision conditions imposed on parts made from this material, it is necessary to analyze the available processing techniques. Therefore, the aims of this paper are to study experimentally the processing possibilities of AA2124/SiC/25p composite material by wire electro discharge machining. At first, the paper presents a systemic approach of wire electro discharge processing, and highlights the objective functions of technological interest and the concerned influence factors. Each of these sets of variables is divided into subsets using specific criteria. The systemic analysis is the basis of a detailed experimental research, having the final aim, the process optimization by wire EDM of AA2124/SiC/25p. We highlight the influence of wire material used for cutting a semi-product having different thickness from Al2124/SiC/25p composite material, on various indicators of technological interest: processing productivity, dimensional precision and cutting shape. In the same time, were pursued the undesirable possible effects of processing, through the analysis of hardness in the processed areas