Spoluautoři NOWOSIELSKI Maciej, Krzysztof ZABA

This paper presents the problem associated with the transport of the proper product and scrap of sheet metal, result of trimming process in the production of the high volume press production. The main problem limiting the performance and reliability of the process is the phenomenon of blockage of the runners. To predict the effects of trimming process numerical simulation was performed using software that runs on the basis of solving differential equations using finite element method. For this purpose, the program the eta/Dynaform was used, which has a special unit responsible for numerical simulations of the process of trimming. This module is called SHEDDING & SCRAP REMOVAL. In a complex process of trimming the model takes into account the blank is made of sheet metal, a set of tools, a template for trimming and runners. Applied to numerical simulation based on the description of the material model 36 - three-parameter Barlat's model. The main problem limiting the trimming process is appropriate runners geometry to the geometry of the waste. An important aspect of the simulation is to predict which way the scrap take and to make correction of the runners geometry in such a way to completely eliminate the phenomenon of runners blockage.