WITKOWSKI Krzysztof University of Zielona Gora

Spoluautoři SANIUK Anna, SANIUK Sebastian

Nowadays in metalworking production there are many more enterprises which manufacture their products based on production orders. These companies have to adapt their products precisely to customer needs, therefore parameters of manufactured products are adjusted to the individual requirements and needs of customers. In these systems very often are produced short series of products, especially in small batch production, applied similar production processes, but different finish, materials, dimensions of products and additional usability. These enterprises have to quickly assess possibility of production order realization in producer’s system which characterized by many constraints; quickly and precisely calculate costs and time of order realization and efficiently prepare production. In this paper a model of the decision-making process about production order realization is presented. The proposed solution is dedicated to the customer service departments of small and medium enterprises from metalworking production sector, which produce products on the basis of production orders. The proposed solution is based on verifying the sufficient conditions to guarantee implementation of the production order in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Specifically, the model was used to develop a computer-aided decision tool "System of Order Verification", which allows presented in the article solutions in practice to be implemented.