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Spoluautoři VOJTĚCH Dalibor

Ti-46.6Al, Ti-45.2Al-7.2Nb and Ti-44.8Al-6.6Ta alloys were borided by a simple pack-boriding method in this work. After boriding at 1150 °C for 12 hours the layer deposited on the binary alloy exhibited a homogeneous both structure and chemical composition. The layers on the ternary alloys were thicker than those on the binary alloy with significantly higher structural and chemical heterogeneity. The mixed borides TiB2.NbB2 or TiB2.TaB2 were formed on the surfaces of these alloys, and monoboride whiskers were found at the boride/substrate interface. The surface hardness and the wear resistances of the examined alloys were significantly improved through their boriding.