AKCA Cem Yildiz Technical University

Spoluautoři ERARSLAN Yaman

The main aim of this study was to design and manufacture the lab-type ballistic test apparatus which does not need firearms that carry out the ballistic test of metallic and composite armor materials, and realization of tests using Mg-based composite materials. To this end, an apparatus that runs without any pressure-related or explosive propulsion system but using gravity instead was designed. The apparatus allows to create the effect of different firearms and ammunition ranging pistols to rifles. Since the apparatus creates the impact of firearms (which have muzzle velocities up to 900 m/s) using gravity, its terminal velocity only reaches to 3.2 m/s and it travels for only 0.32 s after fired (ran). Mg composites with different amount and size SiC particulate reinforcements were examined on this specially designed apparatus using various caliber ammunition.