POKOVÁ Michaela Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Spoluautoři CIESLAR Miroslav, MÁLEK Přemysl

In recent work we have studied two aluminium alloys from AA3003 series (Al-Mn-Fe-Si), one of them with addition of zirconium. They were prepared by a twin-roll casting method, which leads to high solid solution supersaturation. The alloys were heat treated at 450 °C in order to precipitate small coherent Al3Zr particles, which are known to enhance recrystallization resistance of deformed aluminium alloys. Afterwards the alloys were subjected to severe plastic deformation by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP). The microstructure after deformation was observed by the means of electron microscopy. Thermal stability of deformed materials at elevated temperatures was monitored by Vickers microhardness measurement. The addition of zirconium has been found to have positive effect on the thermal stability.