MOLA Renata Kielce University of Technology

Spoluautoři DEPCZYŃSKI Wojciech

Surface layers containing intermetallic phases were fabricated on the Mg substrate by heating the Mg specimens in contact with the Al-Zn powder mixture at 445oC in a vacuum furnace. The layers were produced from 80 wt.% Al + 20 wt.% Zn and 60 wt.% Al + 40 wt.% Zn powder mixtures. The layers microstructure and composition were analyzed by optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). The examination results showed that the layers consisted of Mg17(Al,Zn)12 and Mg5Al2Zn2 intermetallic phases and a solid solution of Al and Zn in Mg. The microstructure of the layers depends on the Zn content in the diffusion powder mixture. The layers obtained in powder mixture containing 40 wt.% Zn were characterized by the same structural constituents compared to layers produced from Al-20 wt.% powder mixture but the amount of the Mg5Al2Zn2 in these layers increased markedly. The surface layers had much higher hardness than the Mg substrate.