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Spoluautoři INGALDI Manuela

Ironmaking and steelmaking is always associated with waste production that presents for the entire metallurgical process either reversible and/or reusable material or lost waste not applicable in further production. At present the waste from iron- and steelmaking finds hardly applicability as secondary raw material. Evidence has been given that the low-temperature plasma could replace the existing routes of less-suitable pyrometallurgical treatment of such waste that are therefore processed by hydrometallurgical route. As the metallurgical and technological features of this application are verified, its economy must be considered. The economical point of view of the metal-bearing waste is discussed by example of proper situation. The economical efficiency of that route can be in principle determined by comparison of the calculated costs with the price of ready product. On the basis of a complex examination of trial results this work provided evidence on metallurgical readiness and economical efficiency in implementation of plasma heating at processing of the metal-bearing oxidic wastes under conditions prevailing in the steelworks.