DRÁPALA Jaromír VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři BROŽOVÁ Silvie, MADAJ Michal

In the paper the results of the systematic study of binary systems iron - admixture will be presented. The equations of the solidus and liquidus curves in the limit area adjoin to melting temperature of Fe will be recently computed. The values of distribution coefficients of admixtures in Fe give us information about the segregation ability of the individual admixtures and impurity elements in iron by zone melting, normal freezing and casting. The correlation dependences of distribution coefficients of admixtures in iron on proton number of the admixtures will be determined. The work is solved in the frame of the project TA CR No. TA03010161 „Experimental development of non-ferrous metals utilization for microstructure refinement in the production of steel ingots for forgings in the specific work”. Within the project will provide the latest information on the possibility of using non-ferrous metals in steel production.