GREGER Miroslav VŠB - Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři PETRŽELA Jiří, LÁSZLÓ Vladimír, JUHAS Miroslav

Development of new technology for manufacture of bottoms of pressure vessels for nuclear power engineering is oriented on future demands of market with respect to ecology and power engineering. It is necessary to propose new technology for production of forged bottoms with flange for power engineering, namely by forging from one ingot without use of welding of the bottom to the flange. The objective is to verify for this forging technology an optimum shape of tools, which will make it possible to forge the bottom with a minimum loss of metal at forging and final processing. High degree of forging and also the required quality of products, characterised by high values of mechanical properties, will be achieved by minimum extra metal allowances for forging. After implementation of the new technology for forging of bottoms with flange the manufacturer will be able to offer on the world market a peak technology and sophisticated completely new products – monolithic forged bottoms with flange for high quality pressure vessels for nuclear power plants.