Spoluautoři ŠLAIS Miroslav, FOREJT Milan

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Test (SHPBT) is used for determination of mechanical material properties at high strain rates, in this case within from 102 to 103s-1. The principle of SHPBT is based on measuring and evaluation of shock loading that is common at high strain rate process. Strain gauges are usually used for recording of shock loading. This paper deals with recording of shock wave by capacitance detectors. SHPBT is high strain rate test, where the compression loading affects specimen placed between two bars. Duration of shock loading is within from 40 to 100 microseconds. Verification of these detectors was performed by comparison between experiment SHPBT and numerical simulation. ANSYS LS Dyna 3D software was used for the numerical simulation. For experiments further materials were used:, Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy and AA 5083 aluminum alloy.