KRČEK Břetislav VŠB - TUO

The slag quantity incorporated to the material balance plays very important role in the blast furnace work evaluating and prognosis. However, the slag quantity is not usually measured but this value is calculated from the burden data and from the slag chemical analysis. The inaccuracies of input data used for the computing degrade not only the resulting material balance but also all following calculations. In the article the suggest for the calculation using over-determined systems of linear equations for maximal exploiting the input data and to reduce the influence of input data inaccuracies is described. The new method proposes the assessing the total flue dust as a sum of the fine dust from iron ores, fluxes and coke, leading to a system of linear equations. Presented method enables to compare the influence of various sorts of coke or other burden components on the total sum of flue dust. Conversely, in the case of unvarying burden composition the observed output data differences could demonstrate changes of the burden mechanical properties. Full exploitation of proposed mathematical separation of the burden dust into three parts could even help to reduce the flue dust appearance. The mathematical method leading to the over-determined system of linear equations was also used there to reduce the influence of input data inaccuracies.