MADAJ Michal VŠB -Technická univerzita

Spoluautoři MORÁVKOVÁ Zuzana, VRBICKÝ Jiří, DRÁPALA Jaromír

Most diagrams of ternary alloy systems are characterized by isothermal and polythermal projection or are modeled in thermodynamic programs like THERMOCALC, PANDAT or MTDATA. The equilibrium projection of liquidus, solidus and solvus are not usually mathematically defined, so it is very difficult to determine parts of each phase for specific ternary alloys during crystallization. It is also complicated to calculate equilibrium distribution coefficients for each compound in the alloy depending on the temperature. At the workshops of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava user software was developed using the programming environment of MATLAB. This software allows us to create mathematical descriptions, simulations and modeling of ternary systems using B-spline areas method after obtaining experimental data, isothermal projections or polythermal sections. The software constructs complete 2D and 3D models of specific ternary systems, calculates parts of each phase at the equilibrium solidification or calculates equilibrium distribution coefficients depending on the temperature.