LOŠŤÁKOVÁ Hana University of Pardubice

Spoluautoři HAVRÁNEK Aleš

Creation and enhancement of the value for customers on the basis of cooperation of the value network entities requires continuous research to find out what attributes of the value for customers make the customers buy repeatedly and increase their loyalty to the supplier of raw materials. The thing is that these strategic benefits as components of the value for customers lead, on condition the customers are provided with them permanently in accordance with their wishes and requirements, to a continuous growth of the customers’ competitiveness on the market and to strengthening their position in the industry on the one hand and, on the other hand, they also lead to long-term improvements in their economic results. This paper summarizes the outcomes of the qualitative surveys carried out in selected enterprises and business branches of the chemical industry, focussing on specification of the key strategic benefits leading to creation of strong bonds between the chemical industry producers and their customers.