BEZÁK Tomáš Materiálovotechnologická fakulta STU

Spoluautoři KUSÝ Martin, ELIÁŠ Michal, KOPČEK Michal

Surface roughness is a critical parameter which further determines properties of materials during application. Same quantitative parameters of surfaces are therefore evaluated during material design in order to bring laboratory scale closer to practice. Standard 2D measurements techniques are commonly used in technical practice for more than 5 decades. Using a diamond tip stylus the resolution of the technique is governed by the tip diameter selected for surface analysis. Further techniques such scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy has been used to determine 2D and also 3D roughness. In this paper laser scanning confocal microscopy is used to determine 3D surface roughness characteristics. Laser scanning confocal microscope Zeiss LSM 700 was used to measure roughness parameters of certified roughness standards in order to determine precision and reproducibility of measurement. Chart of objective selection and roughness calibration curve were determined and later used to analyze surface roughness of substrates for coating experiments.