HAVLÍK Petr Vysoké učení technické v Brně

Spoluautoři ŠOHAJ Pavel

Ensuring the weldability of advanced heat resistant ODS metallic materials in combination with conventional materials is a prior requirement for their wider use in energy production. The micro structure of ODS steels is composed of alpha iron based matrix with dispersed oxide particles. Due to heating during conventional welding, the microstructure and properties of the resulting weld joints are affected and the joints often become the weakest point of the structure. The electron beam welding with its reduced heat affected zone size may be an answer in this. The presented article is focused on the metallographic evaluation of the structure of heterogeneous electron beam welds which combine austenitic stainless steels with the MA 956 ODS steel. EB welded joints were evaluated by light and analytical electron microscopy in the as welded state and after post weld heat treatment. Mechanical properties of the weld were evaluated from the results of microhardness profiles. Achieving an appropriate structure of such welds and correct welding parameters are crucial aspects for future successful application in energy industry.