AKINCI Akin Sakarya University

Spoluautoři SEN Saduman, YILMAZ Senol, SEN Ugur

The wear behavior of epoxy matrix composites filled with alumina particles is discussed in this paper. The tribological performance of pure epoxy and epoxy+5-20wt% alumina composites were studied under the dry sliding conditions. Wear tests were carried out with AISI 52100 ball on the configuration of rotating epoxy matrix composite disk. Test conditions were atmospheric conditions under the loads of 5N, 10N and 15N and at the sliding speeds of 0.3 m/s. The wear test results showed that the alumina particles could improve the wear resistance of the epoxy matrix. This makes it possible to develop novel type of epoxy-based composite with improved wear resistance for various applications. It was found that the increase in the filler content seemed to be more effective in the improvement of the wear resistance of the composites. The wear rates of the epoxy composite are changing between 5.727x10-5 mm3/m and 6.022x10-4 mm3/m, depending on the alumina additive percentage and applied load. Increase in load value caused to increase in friction coefficient and wear rate.