JAGUSIAK-KOCIK Marta Częstochowa University of Technology

Spoluautoři BORKOWSKI Stanisław, ULEWICZ Robert, SELEJDAK Jacek, JAGUSIAK-KOCIK Marta

In the paper results of the research on quality level of the chosen assortment of casts were presented and a method for evaluating the effectiveness of quality assurance systems operating in foundries was proposed. It has been shown that the obtained improvement in the quality of cast processes and products was a consequence of the implementation of the process management principles in the cast iron foundries and the use of FMEA method to improve product quality. For each stage of the production process the risk of nonconformities was determined, which contributed to increased knowledge of the ongoing processes. The matrix taking into account the place of nonconformities occurrence, the cause and the risk degree of nonconformities in the process were shown.