GRABAN Juraj U.S.Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Spoluautoři Mária KOLLÁROVÁ, Peter ZIMOVČÁK, Viera KOHÚTEKOVÁ, František HOLLÝ, Ivor KUČERA

Long-term corrosion protection of galvanized material is ensured predominantly by the coating thickness, but a significant improvement in corrosion properties of the coated steel material can be achieved by adjusting the chemical composition of the zinc layer. Properly chosen alloys reduce zinc electrochemical activity and thus inhibit the formation of corrosion products, which leads to increased corrosion resistance of coated material. An important group of such hot-dip galvanized coatings consists of coatings enriched by magnesium and aluminum. This paper describes the effect of magnesium and aluminum on the corrosion resistance of steel sheets in various thicknesses, i.e. different coating weights compared to conventional zinc coatings. Corrosion test of coatings was carried out in neutral salt spray according to EN ISO 9227. Reviewed was the surface attack by red rust, i.e. perforation-corrosion of the coating.