MOHYLA Petr Flash Steel Power, a.s.

Spoluautoři FOLDYNOVÁ Kristýna, ZAPLETALOVÁ Andrea

This work presents new results of the measurement of mechanical properties. It is focused on the evaluation of mechanical properties of P92 welded joints, welded by manual metal arc welding. In the work is examined the effect of post weld heat treatment on values of hardness, tensile strength and impact energy of weld metal and heat affected zone (HAZ). The development of modern thermal power plants is done by increasing their efficiency, which can be achieved by increasing the pressure and temperature of superheated steam to the supercritical parameters (600 °C/30 MPa). For this reason, it is necessary to develop new heat-resistant high-alloy steels. Modified 9% Cr creep resistant steel P92 has been developed for operating temperatures above 600 °C. The issue of welded joints of steel P92 is still the subject of current research.