YILMAZ Senol Sakarya University

Spoluautoři ERCENK Ediz, BAYRAK Gunhan, AKINCI Akin, SEN Saduman, SEN Ugur

In the current study, availability of basalt based powders obtained from different preparation process as plasma spray powder and the effect of starting powder on some mechanical behavior of glass and glass-ceramic coatings were investigated. Two different preparation ways were carried out in this study. In the first process, basalts were crashed by using ring miller and then sieved. In the other preparation process was made up melting and casting steps. Initially, crashed and sieved basalt powders to be in the powder size of 100 and 53 µm were melted in platinum crucible at 1500°C. Melted basalt was casted into the water to obtain basalt glass granules. These powders were coated on 1040 steel substrate by atmospheric plasma spray coating operation (APS). After the APS process, amorphous coating layers were transformed to glass-ceramic with the heat treatment process. Before the heat treatment process, differential thermal analysis was performed both basalt based glass and crystalline powders to detect suitable crystallization temperature. Characteristic glass-ceramic phases Augite, Fe-diopside, Anorthide, Ca-albite, Albite and andesine phases were detected by x-ray diffraction analysis (XRD). In addirtion, hardness, bond strength and fracture toughness were measured.