BAYRAK Günhan Sakarya University

Spoluautoři ERCENK Ediz, SEN Ugur, YILMAZ Senol

In the present study, powders produced from the volcanic basalt rocks was coated on AISI 1040 steel pre-coated with Ni-5%Al bond-coat by atmospheric plasma spray coating technique. The coated samples were heat-treated at 800C, 900C and 1000C for 1-4 h for crystallization. The phases formed in the basalt base glass ceramic coatings were augite, Fe-diopsite, anorthite and andesine which were detected by x-ray diffraction analysis. The crystallinity degree of the coating layers increased with increase in heat treatment time and temperature. X-ray diffraction intensities of all the phases formed in the coating layer increased with increase in treatment time at 800C and 900C, but increase in the heat treatment time of the heat treatment realized at 1000C resulted to increase of the intensity of augide and diopsite phases while decrease of the intensity of anorthite and andesin phases.