SEBZDA Wojciech Politechnika Śląska

Spoluautoři SZAJNAR Jan

The main aim of investigations was to describe the influence of the electromagnetic field on the structure of grey cast iron obtained in the continuous casting process. To investigate the grey cast iron ingots, a continuous casting laboratory stand at the Foundry Department of the Silesian University of Technology was used. The stand contains continuous casting mould with inductor of rotate electromagnetic field. The research includes computer simulations of the continuous casting process, the real experimental tests and also the metallographic researches on scanning electron microscope and investigations of usable properties i.e. measurements of hardness and machinability. The results of the simulation and the analysis of the real experiment show possibility of unification of flake graphite morphology in cast iron structure, and distribution of hardness on cross-section of ingot and its machinability. The work presents method of unification of structure and properties, which are particularly important in continuous casting. Uniform morphology of flake graphite in structure of cast iron ingots for automobile industry is very important in viewpoint of machinability.