KOLNEROVÁ Michaela Technical University of Liberec

Spoluautoři SOBOTKA Jiří, SOLFRONK Pavel, DOUBEK Pavel, ZUZÁNEK Lukáš

In the automotive industry is increasingly applied adhesive technology. This technology is often the only technique of joining materials which does not damage the surface to be bond and allows joining of different materials. The adhesive technology offers many advantages compared to conventional material bonding methods. In the case of car production there is a great emphasis put on safety, reliability, quality, comfort and of course the car price. The adhesive technology provides the optimal construction stiffness while reducing weight. Using of new materials brings along necessity to test product manufacture qualities of individual adhesive joints of car-body, namely under shearing stress and peeling, in dependence on adhesive and lubricant used in the drawing technological process. This paper deals with the analysis of adhesive joints strength with new surface modification as possible applications in the car body construction. Comparison is performed with commonly used surface modifications of metal car body pressings.