SEN Ugur Sakarya University, Engineering Faculty

Spoluautoři OZDEMIR Ozkan, YILMAZ Şenol, ŞEN Şaduman

In this study, the growth kinetics of iron silicide layer deposited on AISI D2 steel samples by thermo-reactive diffusion (TRD) techniques in a solid medium was reported. Iron silicide was performed in a powder mixture consisting of silicon, ammonium chloride and alumina at 1323 K, 1373 K and 1423 K for 2–6 h. Iron silicide layer thickness of the AISI D2 steel ranged from 85.21 to 717.65 μm depending on the treatment time and temperature. Layer growth kinetics was analysed by measuring the depth of iron silicide layer as a function of time and temperature. The kinetics equation of the reaction has also been determined with Arrhenius' equation K=Ko exp (-Q/RT). The result showed that the diffusion coefficient (K) of the process increased with treatment temperature. Activation energy (Q) for the process was calculated as 572.71 kJ/mol. The diffusion coefficients (K) are changing between 7.3704x10-7 and 2.8782×10-5 mm2/s depending on the process temperature.