SAVKOVÁ Jarmila Západočeská univerzita v Plzni

Spoluautoři CHOTEBORSKÝ Rostislav, BLÁHOVÁ Olga

The effect of plastic deformation on microstructure of Fe-B alloys containing different boron and chromium concentrations has been investigated. A set of sample with different carbon, chromium, nickel and boron content has been prepared. The solidification microstructures of Fe-B cast alloy consist of the boride, pearlite, ferrite and martensite. Chemical composition (GDOES) and microstructure of the as-cast alloys have been investigated. Borides grow up along the grain boundary of austenite during the formation of eutectic. Results showed that the mechanical properties of high boron cast iron depend on alloying elements like chromium or nickel. Also we found that chromium and molybdenum were dissolved in the borides.