PACURAR Ana Talida

Spoluautoři TOADER Dumitru, PACURAR Cristian

The most attractive and dynamic option to use renewable energy sources in electricity production are the photovoltaic cells, that convert solar energy into electricity. This paper presents a study which compare different types of photovoltaic cells. In the center of this study is silicon, like the most frequently used material for photovoltaic cell production at industrial level. In this context are mentioned below photovoltaic cells: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon (thin film) cells. These differents types of photovoltaic cells are compared like structure, function, advantages and disadvantages. These photovoltaic cells were monitored at the same time and in the same weather conditions. Also the objective of this paper is to estimate the performance of photovoltaic cells and to provide the best solution for industry.