PACURAR Cristian

Spoluautoři PACURAR Ana Talida, Dumitru TOADER

In the last decade, nanomaterials have become a topic of major interest. These materials are important in terms of their size, have a high potential for industrial applications as diverse as: electronic applications, bioengineering, energy industry, environmental, chemicals. Photovoltaic cells are the main applications of nanomaterials in energy and environmental protection domain. These cells are encapsulated in photovoltaic panels, which are the main elements in composing a solar system that produces electricity. Photovoltaic panels are devices that transform solar energy into electricity. This production problem resulting phenomenology is given by the random nature of the source of solar and unpredictable weather changes. Therefore a photovoltaic system remains conditional on both its reliability and hazard rate and primary energy supply. This study shows the description, properties and application of photovoltaic panels.