SPÁČIL Vojtěch VSB-Technical University of Ostrava

The contribution describes the customer behaviour on the stainless steel market. It looks for the best suited information sources for choosing suppliers of stainless steel. Knowledge of preferred information sources is necessary for targeting and positioning. Websites, fair trades and catalogues are among the most preferred sources. Impersonal sources (websites, catalogues, journals) are ranked more than sources which are based on the personal presence (trade fairs, seminars). The paper also examines the relationship among information sources and macrosegmentation (demographics and geographic location) and mezosegmentation criteria (customer typology based on the most preferred criteria for supplier choice process and the way of supplier selection). In the paper demographics is represented by main branch of activity (banister and furniture, food and chemical industry, workshop production, investment production) and geography by location of company site. The paper is namely focused on the impact of customer typology (satisfied customers, optimized customers) on the preference of information sources. The paper is based on phone interview which took place on the Czech market. The primary survey includes 93 questionnaires conducted with competent managers who work in the companies which produce products from stainless steel. Data analysis includes the hypothesis testing through traditional testing procedures and cluster analysis.