PENCHEV todor Technical University

Spoluautoři ALTAPARMAKOV Ivan

Controlled impact may be done if the source of additional force is placed on one of the impact bodies and this force is acted during the impact time. The usage of produced in Bulgaria “Industrial Rocket Engine” (IRE) makes it possible to realize the “controlled impact” technology. A laboratory device has been created in order to investigate the “controlled impact”. On this devise using “controlled impact” conditions, are conducted experiments for plastic deformation of lead specimens and press into briquettes of cooper, aluminum alloy, brass, grey cost iron, steel and Armco iron chips. It is determined an extension of the deformation degree in comparison with “free impact” deformation and decreasing of the rebound to zero (sticking impact). In press into briquettes by using “controlled impact” it is observed density increase of 15% to 30% to hydraulic press comparison. The obtained results make clear that the usage of IRE propelled production machines for plastic deformation and press into briquetts technologies improve those processes and decrease the production drain.