Rocket static test plays a vital role in demonstrating the efficiency of propellant. This test is necessary for all batch of propellant. In the past, the normal steel case was unusable after just one test because the static test can damage the steel grain due to the high pressure and temperature of testing environment. In addition, the high corrosion condition from the vapor of chemical from explosion can also cause the damage to the case. As the result, the steel case can lead to the unnecessary high cost of static testing.This paper purpose the use of a new material to address the problem mentioned above. We select austenitic stainless steel because of its prominent corrosion resistance in high temperature. The experiment is conducted with 316L grade with some elements addition such as Cr and Ni. In fact, Chromium can improve the corrosion resistance and Nickel improves the higher strength of the case. The result from the experiment shows that our new material case obtain better grain, less inter-granular problem and smaller size of grain after the static test. Even though, this better grade of material is more expensive than traditional steel case, this new case can be reused several times. As a result, the overall cost of static test is tremendously reduced by using this new case.