KECHIN Vladimir Vladimir State University

In recent years, the problem of searching of alloy compositions with a predetermined set of physical, chemical, and other special properties gets a great attention. The basis of the synthesis of alloys is consideration of the results of physical-metal-electrochemical, technological and technical-economic analysis based on the latest advances in metallurgy, foundry, material science and electrochemistry. On the basis of the accepted categories of requirements and restrictions with a way of sequential logical elimination of elements of Periodic system it is established that as the base metals of sacrificial alloys it is necessary to use of aluminum, magnesium and zinc. As a result of physical and chemical analysis and of evaluation of the interaction of the base metals of sacrificial alloys with elements of Periodic system taking into account metallurgical and foundry factors, electrochemical and economic indicators, are highlighted ranks of major alloying elements and group of impurities for aluminum, magnesium and zinc, respectively. Results of complex researches of corrosion and sacrificial properties of alloys based on aluminum, magnesium and zinc allowed establishing the possibility of practical use of sacrificial materials for protection of metal constructions and structures which are operating in different environments.