KIREEV Andrey The Vladimir State University (the VlSU)

Spoluautoři KECHIN Vladimir

Under operating conditions cast protectors from various brands of aluminum alloys the dispersion of values of the main electrochemical properties of anode materials is observed. One of the reasons causing unstable electrochemical characteristics of alloys, the uncontrollable content of hydrogen in cast anode protectors is. By results of researches it is established that with increase of porosity of cast preparations the speed of corrosion of aluminum increases with 3,03 to 3,34 g/m ² • days; and the speed of corrosion of anode alloys of AP1 and AP4 changes with 2,13 to 2,35 and with 2,02 to 2,42 g/m ² • days, respectively hydrogen in cast protectors. It is shown that with increase in porosity of cast preparations from the I point to the V point (on a standard scale of «All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation materials») coefficient of useful use (the main indicator defining service life of anode materials) changes in samples from A85 brand aluminum from 54,9% to 49,9%; for AP1 and AP4 alloys from 78,3% to 70,8%; and from 82,3% to 68,9% respectively. Minor change of working and stationary potential of studied samples is other things being equal observed. Results of researches confirm importance of control of gas content of anode alloys. Thus ensuring limit and low concentration of hydrogen in anode alloys will promote stabilization of the main corrosion and electrochemical characteristics of cast protectors.