BELYAEV Igor Vladimir State University


Investigate the potential use of the metal waste own production in the manufacture of mono-crystalline permanent magnets alloy UNDKT5AA. It is known that the repeated use of the waste in the alloy accumulate harmful impurities (carbon, sulfur, nitrogen) and magnetic properties of permanent magnets are reduced. To prevent this phenomenon applied additional preparatory clean source of charge materials, as well as changed the technology of melting and casting alloy UNDKT5AA. Formed at the metal waste has reduced content of impurities. Using such wastes as a component of the charge, were made of mono-crystalline permanent magnets. Modes of cultivation and heat treatment of the magnets were standard. The chemical composition of the alloy magnets match the specified value. The number of harmful impurities in the alloy was in permissible limits. Magnetic properties of magnets to meet the requirements of existing standards. Thus the cost price of manufacture of mono-crystalline permanent magnets has decreased more than on 30 %.