ŁUKASZEK-SOŁEK Aneta AGH University of Science and Technology


The analysis of changes in the microstructure of hot forged Inconel 718 alloy was presented in his paper. After heating in electric chamber furnace, the Inconel 718 alloy billet was forged at 1150 ºC. The temperature of heating, forging and cooling the billet was constantly monitored. Processing of the investigated alloy was preceded by dilatometric tests, the analysis of microstructure of as-received and hot deformed in compression under various themomechanical conditions on Gleeble simulator Inconel 718 alloy as well as by numerical simulations of Inconel 718 alloy forging. The numerical simulations were conducted using QForm 3D software. The obtained results of both simulations and microstructural analysis were used to determine the conditions of Inconel 718 alloy forging in industrial conditions. The correlation of the results of microstructural observations, hot compression tests and forging the investigated alloy in industrial conditions were discussed.