HULICIUS Eduard Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.

This lecture - as the name suggests is composed of two parts. In the first part there will be given an attempt of definition of nanotechnology, its importance, interdisciplinary overlap and fields of application. The second part will be devoted to examples of our concrete contributions to nanotechnology and nanocharacterisation. We have been preparing semiconductor nanostructures, starting from quantum wells to quantum dots (QDs) for more than twenty years. QD preparation and characterisation are described in detail using six selected papers concentrating on our measurements of photoluminescence, magnetophotoluminescence, electroluminescence and ballistic electron emission microscopy and spectroscopy of QDs. The lecture is based on the results of more than thirty of papers published in scientific journals. Other important sources were invited and contributed lectures at many international conferences, Universities and Institutes, as well as experiences obtained during organising of many international conferences namely: IC MOVPE, EW MOVPE, MIOMD, Crystal Growth Conferences, ENF, NANOCON, etc. The metal nanoparticles and metal based nanotechnology will be mentioned here only marginally, because many conference participants know about this subject more than me.