ARBUZ Aleksandr Karaganda state industrial university

Spoluautoři Abdrakhman NAIZABEKOV, Sergey LEZHNEV

Various methods of getting of ultrafine-grained structure of metals by means of intensive plastic deformation method are considered. Their advantages and disadvantages are determined. The solution of discussed problems by means of integration into one process of screw rolling and equal channel angular pressing is proposed. Combination of these processes allows the realization of strain-stressed state with the intense shift of metal surface layers at screw rolling in the first deformation site and integration of intense shift deformation of angular pressing with torsion in the second deformation site. It creates very good conditions for formation of ultrafine-grained structure in round sample of unlimited length. Besides this, studying of parameters of angular pressing with torsion represents a certain interest. Advantages, disadvantages and prospects of this method application are shown. The example of final and element modeling of the offered scheme is given. Realization and bringing of this process to the industrial application will allow the receiving of high-quality round bar by means of continuous pressing.