ARBUZ Aleksandr Karaganda state industrial university

Spoluautoři NAIZABEKOV Abdrakhman, TALMAZAN Vitaliy, KRIVTSOVA Olga, VIVENTSEV Alexandr

In view with the transition to the use cast slabs at rolling shops of JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau», studied mechanical properties of rolled steel grade 20GYuT which going to manufacture critical parts KAMAZ. The mechanical properties of steel produced from continuous slabs are in a narrower band and share their compliance is higher than steel produced from rolled slabs. However, only from the measured parameters can not be evaluated the quality, as they characterize the various properties that are usually not correlated and have a different dimension. For a more complete and objective assessment of quality of manufactured metal products was used methods for quantifying assessment the quality, which known from qualimetry allowing to express in one number all different properties of product. As a single indicators of quality takes into account the mechanical properties: tensile strength and yield strength, relative elongation and hardness (HRB). Weighting coefficients α were distributed evenly, making each indicator 0.25. Were drawn for each sample profile and it calculated the complex quality. Qualimetric methods was evaluated the quality of hot-rolled sheet, produced from continuous casting steel slabs on 20GYuT HRM-1700. Quality hot-rolled sheet profiles 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm corresponds to a good level of the empirical scale of desirability. There were no significant differences in quality sheet different profiles have been identified.