Accompanying programme in terms of conference METAL 2013 will be held on May 16th 2013 afternoon. It is possible to register it in the conference registration form at The programme is as follows:


The Technical museum in Brno

Do you know who invented the lightning conductor? The answer can be found at a new interactive exhibition Inventors and Inventions. The exhibition presents the colorful lives of more than 20 celebrities, which left indelible works of world or european importance in many fields of human activity - in technology, medicine, agriculture, biology, chemistry, but also in the humanities. It´s also for fans of curious and absurd creations. Also, you may be surprised how many subjects from everyday life is of Czech origin. Some inventions can be viewed in the original, others again with different models and interactive games to test the principle on which they operate.

Pavilon Anthropos

The permanent exhibition on the oldest history of the settlement in Moravia as well as on the whole European continent consists of three parts created by our outstanding specialists: "Moravian Hunters and Gatherers", "The oldest Art of Europe" and "Palaeolithic Technologies". The second part brings up-to-date discoveries concerning the evolution of man and the beginnings of his culture: "Genetics in the Evolution of Man", "The Story of Mankind" complemented with the presentation of the behaviour of man's next relatives – primates, shown in the section "Cousins or Brothers? – Ethology of Primates". The new permanent exhibition presents up-to-date discoveries from the field of archaeology, anthropology, genetics etc., and proposes interactive presentations using modern audio-visual techniques; it also contains several dioramas and reconstructions of the environment and life of Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers. Of course, the visitors will find there the popular mammoth model surrounded with its natural environment.

Brno Observatory and Planetarium

  • Would you like to live the story of the Solar System?
  • Look at the star sky through a big astronomical telescope?
  • Find the answers to perpetual questions?
  • Touch a real meteorite?
  • Spend unusual time under the artificial sky of the planetarium?
  • Weight yourself on the Moon?
  • Play with interesting scientific experiments?
  • Enjoy a great view of Brno?
  • Are you longing to get to the core of it all?

Then you must come to to the Brno Observatory and Planetarium. It is a centre for popularisation of various sciences, especially in the field of inanimate nature. First of all, it is of course astronomy, but they do not avoid geology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography and others… And they do it all in the form which is understandable for the lay audience, entertaining and if it is at least a little possible also interactive. It is not a scientific workplace, but you can meet science at every turn in the centre. It is because they are also engaged in promotion of Brno universities and big scientific projects carried out in the area of the city of Brno. University teaching takes place directly in their premises.

Cruise ship on the Brno dam

The Brno dam is one of the most important recreational areas in nearness of the Moravian metropolis. Reservoir with an area of ​​252 ha has been built on the river Svratka in the years 1936-1940. Today the dam is a popular holiday destination with regular shipping.

The dam formerly served as a reservoir for Brno, for recreation and as a source of electrical energy. The dam is also called the Brno reservoir or earlier Kninicská dam. Water surface is crisscrossing by six "steamships" (Brno, Veveri, Dallas, Bratislava, Prague and Pionyr). All ships are on the ecological electric drive.